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Welcome to M.Class Dias productions where dreams and imagination are brought to reality.


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M.Class Dias productions was started by Marvin Dias a singer, songwriter and producer. His current mission is to inspire those who are willing to step outside the norm, to fulfill that suppressed gut wrenching feeling of a starting a business, goal or dream.

Having noticed a gut feeling himself called intuition, something we suppress most of the time in order to fit expectations of society, family or friends; for fear of being judged or ridiculed. M.Class Dias decided to listen to his intuition and pursue a career in the entertainment field.


Making a decision to move forward, towards pursuing his dream of becoming an artist, his journey began with judgement, uncertainty, facing fears and being comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


As the years progressed he began to realize that he had to wear many hats as he struggled to work his day job and pursue his dream. This would take a toll financially, due to required studio time and videography services; making him wonder if following his dream as a singer, songwriter and producer would continue.


Money earned from his day job was invested into vocal training, audio production schooling and video equipment. This led him to build his very own home studio and allowed him to create his very own music and music videos; bringing his creations to life but most importantly kept his dream alive.   


To perfect his craft and skill set, he began acquiring knowledge from various successful mentors in the industry, that started appearing to him miraculously at the right place and time as he pressed forward on his journey. He realized that in order to achieve his dream he had to just keep moving forward. 


As he pressed forward he began acquiring significant experiences in his craft and began making waves with his musical creations, proving that visions do become a reality.


 Choose a destination listed above that best suits your interest and you can view his accomplishments, original creations and the amazing people he has encountered so far. Watch his journey to success in real time, while in turn inspiring you to fulfill your dreams.


Special Mention

Working hard and pressing forward towards pursuing my dream allowed the universe to line up the stars for me to meet my current mentor Joey Cee who is a Record and Radio Producer, Songwriter/Singer and Magazine Publisher.

 He is responsible for launching the careers of such recording artists as, just to name a few, The Guess Who, Steppenwolf, Dan Hill and others.

I'm grateful and proud to call him my mentor for his guidance and experience in the music industry.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"


                      Mahatma Gandhi 

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